Ruggedized Edge
Node Computers

Whether its monitoring and controlling production processes, simplifying your operations, improving productivity, or achieving another goal, Comark offers flexible and convenient node computers that can fit in almost any location. Best of all, you can combine the benefits of pre-configured systems designed to support common use cases with Comark’s expert engineering capabilities to create a customized solutions, tailored to your needs or industry certification requirements. Learn More about components of a node computer

Customization Options

Comark engineers can tailor these edge components in many ways, including:

  • Support for GPS
  • Connection via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cell, and LAN
  • Screen sizes
  • Inclusion of an internal heater
  • Supporting glove operation

Industry Certifications

Comark can test (usually in-house) for a wide variety of edge-related industry certifications, including FCC class A and CE.

Pre-configured Node Computers

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